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Time to draw and paint in troubled times

In this time of uncertainty many of us have found ourselves confined to our homes with our daily routine disrupted and our thoughts full of worry for family, friends, and ourselves. It touches us all and there seems little to comfort us. Why not take this opportunity to spend some time drawing and painting? Spring is around the corner, even though it can look rather bleak and uninspiring at this very moment. However - buds are bursting, grass is growing, flowers emerging, seeds are sowing - there is much to look at - even if it is only the humble potato!

I have found much peace and solace in the beauty of plants through observational drawing and painting. It can be a meditative occupation as one becomes absorbed in the contemplation of the subject; both the drawing and the plant. These little fellows illustrated are quietly 'chitting' in the shed, preparing themselves for planting when at last the weather bucks up.

I encourage anyone to have a go at drawing and painting from observation. Just have a go - take a pencil, biro or pen and a scrap of paper - whatever's to hand. Lose yourself in the moment, beginning with small steps and see what emerges. Don't defeat yourself from the beginning thinking it has to be 'perfect'. As the American writer Henry Thoreau deftly suggested: 'It's not what you look at - it's what you see'. I would put the emphasis on what you see.


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