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Bee's a buzzing

After such a long dreer winter - the sun - at last - to warm us and bring out the bees. The garden is springing into life with hoorays. The apple and cherry blossom has burst and in amongst the flowers heavy bumble bees are doing their work pollinating the flowers, nourished by their efforts. This in turn will allow us to nourish ourselves come the autumn on juicy fat apples. Gardeners are ever optimistic - if the deer don't come in and take all the flowers, fruit, leaves and even bark from my trees I have to worry about codling moth, earwigs, apple maggot . . . . and that seems to be just the beginning. I will just enjoy the blossom and the rumble of bumble bees and forget about the possible pesky pests. I am now painting delightful apple blossom as part of a project, however I am distracted by that buzzing. I have just had some prints made of one of my bumble bee paintings and they are now available for sale framed or unframed. I will be showing them next weekend 12 - 13 May in Chichester with Fanny Peppercorn. I am preparing them at the moment.

Unframed £45.00

Framed £50.00

Work in progress framing.

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