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Summer Colour

A busy, but colourful summer. Back from a creative weekend at West Dean College 'Exploring Colour'. As ever the garden came up trumps. Nestling in the heart of the South Downs these beautiful gardens have been restored, created and nurtured by Sarah Wain and Jim Buckland. Awaiting us, a bucket of the most wonderful flowers full of colour and perfect for exploring the watercolour palette. Rich magentas, dazzling scarlets, deepest reds and gleaming yellows and golds. Painting in the Orangery students selected a flower to practice colour matching and application; looking at a limited palette for the initial painting stages, applying the paint to create a strong form through looking at tonal values and then harmonising glazes to unify the whole. An enthusiastic group who achieved some wonderful results.

Now I'm focusing on the Wallace Collection Botanical Painting workshop on Saturday 28th July. I'm very much looking forward to returning to the museum. We will be looking at a marvellous painting by Jan Weenix as inspiration. Looking at the colours, tonal ranges, composition and much more in an action packed day.

I will be returning to West Dean College on the 19th of August for a four day course painting summer colours. On this longer course we will be focusing on accurate observation and drawing skills as well as colour mixing and matching accurately; developing painting skills and learning some new techniques.

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