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Spent flowers and seed pods

I'm back from my travels and the brilliance of summer colour is fading fast in the garden. Before tidying up I gathered an armful and loaded an old Portuguese basket with spent flowers and seed pods as inspiration for studying reductive colour - exploring neutral and knocked back colours.

A basket of faded flowers

Having returned from the heat of Southern Spain where the earth and so many of the plants are completely parched I found inspiration in the frailty of wild flowers; yet again drawn to the richness of neutral tones.

Much beauty can be found in faded glory. Whilst they are a shadow of their former selves I'm focusing in on the subtlety of tones and their collapsing structure. In this state they are become increasingly static; their movement frozen as they close down, either to settle into winter dormancy or give up their seeds to create the next generation.

#seeds #botanicalpainting #neutralcolours #fadedflowers

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