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B o t a n i c a l  P a i n t i n g


Published by Crowford Press 2011


Botanical painting seeks to convey the essence and beauty of a plant through accurate rendition. Written in an accessible style and beautifully illustrated, this practical book aims to unravel some of the percieved mystries of the art by revealing the steps that go towards making a stunning painting. Breaking complex forms down into basic shapes, it provides a foundation for building and developing detail in a painting. As such it is a beautiful and inspiring addition to every botanical artist's bookshelf



W o r k  f e a t u r e d  i n :


Brown, Andrew.  Flower Paintings from the Apothecaries’ Garden  Antique Collectors’ Club 2005


Brown, Andrew. Botanical Illustration from Chelsea Physic Garden Antique Collectors’ Club 2015

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